At Michuki & Michuki Advocates we will seek every opportunity to develop long-term relationship with our clients and look for growth through the enhancing the scope of our relationship with our existing clients who include:

· Banking and Financial Institutions for whom we prepare instruments relating to loan facilities, guarantees and indemnities, securities relating to land and other assets other than land as well as letters of credit. We undertake realisation of securities and debt collection. 

· Religious organisations and congregations for whom we have advised on compliance and regulatory matters, completed the incorporation of their registered trustees as corporate bodies as well as their corporate governance issues. 

· Various Trusts which for which we have handled their creation, preparation of deed of trust, modifying and extinguishing these trusts. We process application for change of trustees as well as appointment of new trustees as well as advisory services on their taxation. 

· Insurance Companies which have entrusted to our competence their recovery of outlays and defending of claims. We have offered advisory services on construction of insurance policies, negotiating issues and general advise on the law of Insurance are also offered. 

· Non-Governmental Organisations for which we have processed applications for registration as well as the preparation and certification of their constitutions for registration purposes. In addition we are involved in applications for the renewal of their certificates of registration , application for work permits in respect of their prospective employees while offering advice on employer-employee matters. 

· Individuals on whose behalf we institute and defend proceedings, selectively prepare wills and handle succession and divorce matters as well as adoption applications. We execute substantial commercial and property law transactions for them. We certify, commission and notarise their affidavits and documents. We are also involved in applications for issuance of entry and work permits for them. 

· Corporate Organisations and Business Entities who engage us in the preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association, local incorporation and registration of companies as well as joint venture set-ups. We undertake secretarial matters such as filing of returns in addition to advisory and advocacy referral services with emphasis on company and business law are offered. · Health Management Organisations on whose behalf we prepare membership contracts. We are engaged in debt collection as well as in advocacy referral services. We are also actively involved in litigation and alternative dispute resolution (where appropriate) in medical disputes and general legal advisory services.

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